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Going, Going, Gone!

EEG is proud to send three girls to school in 2022, two in India and one in Nigeria. With the Covid calamity hopefully behind us now, we hope to build up the numbers for the next school year. If you know a disadvantaged girl who should be in school, please start the recommendation process as soon as possible. This will give us sufficient time to go through the vetting and admission process, and find sponsors before the registration deadlines for 2023.

For a girl who has never been to school or doesn't expect to ever get an education, being able to go to school is a life-changing experience. As has been said by many, by educating a girl, you educate generations yet to come; you change perspectives of those who have the power to change the world.

"When I wasn't going to school, I didn't like it," says Drishti in her mother tongue, the words coming out of her mouth at bullet speed! "I used to just wander around here and there, doing nothing. Since I started going to school I don't do that anymore. I come home and do my homework. I like it so much!"

Without the support of a generous sponsor, Drishti would never have known what it is like to go to school and get educated. It is highly probable that this one shift in her life will disrupt her normal trajectory of getting married early and spending her life in the kitchen.

Aliyah"s education was interrupted because her parents could no longer afford to continue sending her to school after eighth grade. "Being out of school has not been easy for me," she writes in her beautifully hand-written message in English to EEG. "I was really disheartened, I was sad and felt so bad. During this time, I was always at home studying on my own and praying to God to find a benefactor or someone to assist my parents in paying my fees so I could resume school with my mates. When my mum told me about EducateEveryGirl willing to sponsor my education, I thought it was a joke but when she showed me some of her conversations with you about me, I felt like I was on top of the world. I was very happy and always praying everything works out for me." Aliyah's case was approved on an exceptional basis with the support of a sponsor to ensure her education did not come to a premature end. "Right now, I am the happiest girl on earth," Aliyah adds in her message. "I am back to school, and I'm ready to make you proud."

There are more than thirty million girls in our world who are deprived of any education. There are more than three billion of us who can help at least one of them to go to school. It is as simple as that.

Together we CAN change the world; one girl at a time!

PS: Another way to support this cause is to buy a copy of Life Calling by B.J.B Phoenix, a book that will change your perspective about life in a way that brings fulfillment. All author proceeds will go towards education of disadvantaged girls. If you enjoy the book, please post a review to help raise more funds to send another girl to school. Thank You.

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