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Do you know her?

More than 30 million girls in the world do not attend primary school. Again, more than 30 million girls in the world do not attend primary school.

Do you know one of them?

Statistics show that every girl educated improves her own life, her family's life, and contributes to poverty reduction in her nation. Going to school also protects a girl from early marriage, childbirth mortality, gender-based violence, and child labor.

These girls are not attending school because they are handling babies when they should be handling pencils; they are doing housework when they should be doing homework; they are out in the fields when they should be in a classroom.

Do you know one of them?

The challenges are big, especially when they go far beyond financial constraints, such as cultural and gender-based biases. However, the first step to overcoming such biases is education. Every girl who gets an education will become a catalytic force for breaking down the barriers to gender-based equality. The first step, therefore, is to deal with the easiest challenge of all, which is financial. It's easy because there are so many of us in this world who are lucky enough to have sufficient resources to be able to support at least one girl to go to school for at least one year.

If you know a girl who should be in school, recommend her as a parent or well-wisher on We will work with the family and the school to ensure she gets the education that is her birthright.

Together, we can change the world; one girl at a time!

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